Solar Power System Newcastle

Nexa Solar is a trustworthy and local solar power installer in Newcastle, West NSW. The renewable energy sector is on an upward trend. So, solar power Newcastle is considered the future. Nexa Solar is proud to have been providing top-quality solar on Newcastle homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to provide energy-saving solutions that can lead to significant savings for you. We are an energy-efficient company aiming to provide solar power, battery, inverters and solar panel installation Newcastle & surrounding areas to our clients with innovative green solutions.

Is It Worth Getting Solar Panels in Newcastle, NSW?

The most sunshine in the world is in Australia, and that’s probably why we are the country of sunbathers. There’s enough sunlight hitting your roof no matter where you are to make solar panels worthwhile. Newcastle is getting more than 5.3 peak sun hours on average per day!

Consider those (conservative) 5.3 hours of focused sunlight as the fuel for your solar system Newcastle – which translates to money in your pocket! With the right setup, we can use solar power to provide electricity for an entire house.

How Can Solar Energy Save Your money?

When you use electricity from the grid, your retailer will charge you based on kilowatt-hours – you can usually see this at the back of your last bill. Your kWh usage probably changes with the season, depending on the types of devices & appliances that you use (air conditioning, heating, dryers).

Larger or smaller solar power systems than your average consumption size are better-suited to compensate for seasonal fluctuations.

Energy retailers in NSW offer many different feed-in-tariffs and some retailers offer to buy back schemes. However, it is best to use your solar energy during the day as it means you spend less on power and maximises what you can get from the system. For the most part, people rely on self-consumption these days and these programs work really well with all solar packages offered by Nexa Solar. Get Newcastle solar price & deal with us that is suitable to your needs.

Which Is The Best Solar Panel in the Market?

There are two types of PV cells: Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline solar cells are more efficient than polycrystalline because they have fewer defects.

So if you looking for a Solar Panel Newcastle, go with Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

Is Solar Power System a Good Investment in Newcastle?

Solar System Newcastle

It’s important to remember that, while lower prices usually don’t necessarily mean the low quality will be the case, take the time to carefully consider what you are getting with any given provider. Solar PV systems typically last around 25-30 years (although this number can change depending on how you use them).

Installing the solar system Newcastle is a good investment for the local residents because solar power provides clean and sustainable electricity without harming the environment. It also saves them money in the long run. Choosing the right company to look after you into the future can be a difficult decision, however, Nexa Solar promises to be there for you rain, hail or shine.

Solar systems in Newcastle are much cheaper compared to other forms of energy. They are also environmentally friendly and we can install them on any surface such as rooftops, carports, or even on the ground, making them a convenient option for Newcastle City residences.

Why Should I Choose Nexa Solar?

Nexa Solar is a local solar panel installation company  that offers quality solar panel Newcastle, NSW & other surrounding areas!

Quality solar panels for your home in Newcastle

Nexa Solar is a company that specializes in quality solar residential solar panels & commercial solar panels for your business. Our local solar installation staff at Nexa Solar are experts in all aspects of the solar industry and can help you find the best solution for your project.

Quality guaranteed

  • We take pride in our work and guarantee the quality of products and service
  • 100% 5 Years workmanship warranty – We’ll be there to help
  • A highly experienced solar installers at Newcastle ensures maximum power output, energy savings, and reliability

Experienced Team

  • At Nexa Solar, we take pride in our strong team of CEC accredited solar panel installers in Newcastle.
  • We introduce you to our local Newcastle solar installers who can recommend the solar system that is most suitable for you.
  • They will sit with you to understand your current power consumption levels and the amount paid as electricity bills. Then, they will check the space on your rooftop before suggesting the standard configurations of solar panel Newcastle.
Solar Power Newcastle

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