Solar power is an amazing way of generating your own energy. Not only does it have significant environmental benefits, but it also offers a lot of peace of mind. Nexa Solar is a locally-owned and operated Australian solar company that offers Hobart homeowners an affordable and reliable way of generating their own power. We have been supplying and installing high-quality solar panels in Hobart, Tasmania. Our team of highly-trained and certified solar installers will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Nexa Solar offers competitive pricing with savings on energy costs!

Solar Panel Hobart

The Core Benefits of Solar Power in Hobart

Installation of solar panels on your roof can save you money in two ways:

  • Solar self-consumption can be really beneficial. This results in lower monthly electricity bills, less pollution, and higher property values.
  • Renewable source credits – a solar feed-in tariff is a credit that gets added to your energy bill for the excess solar energy.

Grid electricity is the price you pay for power, and it’s at about 26 cents per kilowatt-hour. This means that by using solar panels, Tasmanian homeowners can maximize their savings on electricity costs. This is because instead of paying for this power, your solar system is producing that power and you are using it directly. Sending energy back into the grid is just an added benefit for having solar.

How Much Energy Can a Solar System Produce in Hobart?

Tasmanian rooftops get an average of about 3.8-4.4 hours of peak sun per day, which will be higher in the summer but lower in the winter. Sun rays can be thought of as fuel for solar panels. In Hobart – the more sun hours a particular location receives, the more energy a solar panel will be able to produce. 6.66kW solar system in Hobart can produce an average of 14.4-16.5kWh energy. 

We’re Here to help you reduce your light bills in Hobart! Because we offer the best prices on solar panels in Hobart. Thus, we have helped our customers save up to 70% on their electricity bills. Nexa Solar aims to help people reduce their bills through solar panels installation in Hobart. We offer the right solution at the right price for their customers. We are committed to providing safe, high-quality products that will meet standards in every project we do.

Utilize The Solar Energy System to Produce More Energy

Solar Power Hobart

One of the main reasons to consider going solar in Hobart is because it’s a great way to save money on power bills. If you live in Hobart, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of your solar system for home! One of the most important factors in installing a solar system is getting the size right, and making sure the panel layout is going to get you the best possible production.

So, it is a good idea for owners to consume power during the day as it’s beneficial to save the power.

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing your Solar System Size

Before choosing a solar system size, make sure to establish your budget and goals as well as what government incentives are available to them. Actually, different homes require different amounts of electricity at different times of day. So, it’s important to account for these factors when pricing solar systems in Hobart

Choose Nexa Solar for your Solar Installation in Hobart

Our solar company provides high-quality, long-lasting solar panels. All of our products are tested and guaranteed to deliver the best results. Thus, Nexa Solar guarantees you will have reliable power without any upfront costs. Our Hobart solar installers offer a wide range of residential and commercial solar solutions.  We design and install solar systems, as well as provide expert advice on renewable energy. So, visit us & get a free quote today! Don’t hesitate – talk to one of our solar installers today about your options for installing solar panels on your home or business premises. Let us show you how you can get started with Nexa Solar!