Solar Panels Installation Gold Coast

Solar Panels Gold Coast

Queensland has the highest solar power use in Australia with over 500,000 rooftop solar panels installed. With an average of 260 sunny days a year, Gold Coast businesses and homes are well-positioned to take advantage of the energy-saving benefits of this solar technology. As the best solar panel suppliers Gold Coast, we’re proud to deliver reliable solutions that optimize energy consumption for homes.

As one of the fastest-growing solar panel retailers in the Gold Coast region, Nexa Solar takes a very big stake in protecting our climate and making it greener for future generations. That’s why we offer solar power systems for homes and businesses across Australia – to help them meet their sustainability goals. 

Solar is a booming industry in Australia. More and more people are looking for an affordable, sustainable energy source. But at the same time, there are concerns about how to finance solar panels Gold Coast without locking themselves into a high-priced contract that can be difficult to get out of. With our no lock-in policy you can make the switch without any problems.

Solar Panel Suppliers Gold Coast – Nexa Solar

There is a range of solar power system sizes depending on the requirements of the installation. Additionally, solar panels come with different solar panel configurations and inverter size options. We offer six sizes for this kind of solar system that can customize to suit your needs. We provide a 6.66KW solar system, 10.36Kw solar system & 13.32Kw solar system for residential solar solutions. Our team also provides larger solar systems for businesses available in different sizes of 20KW solar system, 30Kw solar system & More than 50Kw solar systems. You will get high-quality solar panel installation with us.

Why Choose Nexa Solar?

We believe that solar energy is one of the best technologies because it’s clean and environmentally friendly. Therefore, we do whatever it takes more homes to cover with its benefits. Located in South East Queensland, the Gold Coast is the sunniest place in Australia, and together with our solar products, it’s becoming one of the leading places on Australia’s list for installation of solar power Gold Coast.

Solar Panels Gold Coast

We provide customized solar panel solutions at affordable prices in the Gold Coast region. We also offer a warranty on all of our workmanship. Additionally, Our Installation teams are Clean Energy Council Accredited and are committed to bringing you safe and compliant installation. We are a 100%-Australian owned company that can grow wherever needed. Our experts can help you with solar power whether you are an individual homeowner or an organization. We also offer large-scale solar solutions that will meet your needs.

It’s a misconception that renewable energy is expensive. With the right knowledge and the right technologies, you can generate electricity at a cost-effective price without being detrimental to the environment. Not only that but we offer a range of additional services including our high-quality products and installation.

So, talk with our solar energy experts to find out more about installing the solar power systems Gold Coast for your home or business.

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