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Meter Box Switch Board
October 06, 2021

What’s the Deal with Meter Boxes?

When installing your solar system Townsville or any other area of Australia, installers are not just signing off on the work they have done for the solar – but they are also signing off to say that everything is compliant in your meter box.

The requirements for meter boxes are different for different states and energy networks/distributors. Each has its own very specific rules as to what is compliant in your meter box – and depending on when you last had work done, you may find the rules have changed and you have small (or large!) changes to make your meter box compliant.

Here are some examples of things to look out for (generally speaking – as the rules change area to area. If you have questions about your meter box & solar panels Cairns and other areas – please let us know and we will be happy to help where we can).

Things to Look Out For…

Backing board – Check the back of your meter box – what material is this? It cannot be flammable material (ie. wood) and it must not be asbestos – asbestos backing boards are generally black [QLD, NSW] Your backing board must also be on a hinged panel, look for hinges on the right hand side [QLD, NSW]

An Example of an Asbestos Backing Board

Switchboard Room – Should allow for at least 2 switches for 1 Phase, 3 switches for 3 Phase, 2 switches for when a homekit/smart meter is required and 1 switch for a HWT. If there is not enough switchboard room, a small enclosure may be required. [ALL STATES]

Switchboard room is full
Small enclosure is installed for additional switches

If a small enclosure is required, is there enough room in the meter box for this? If not – advisement is required. Major Meter Box works may be required. This is usually remedied with a brand new meter box, and any old fuse types are upgraded to be safe and compliant. [ALL STATES]

No Space! This would cause issues when trying to add switches.
Before: Asbestos, No Switchboard Room, Non-hinged backing board.
After: Looking Fresh! New Meter box with fireproof backing board on hinged panel, updates fuses etc.

Location – Meter boxes should not be inside, behind a locked gate (unless a special ergon/energex lock is used) or in a yard with a dog. If you are worried about the location, please check with your consultant or give us a call and we can check to make sure if it is going to cause you a headache. If the panels are being installed on a shed with a subboard, and the meter box is at the house, or vice versa, the cable length and type running between needs to be checked to make sure it can handle the type of solar system Newcastle you are looking at. Nexa Solar also provides a solar system Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns & Other cities of Queensland.

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