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October 05, 2021

When Can I Turn on My Solar System?

So you have just had your solar installation Townsville is done on your roof – Now what?

Once your system has been installed, usually that day or the next morning, Nexa Solar will send off the documents to your Electricity Distributor (eg. Ergon Network, Energex, Tasnetworks), who will then generally pass the details on to your Energy Retailer (Eg. Ergon Retail, Origin, Energy Australia, Aurora, 1st Energy) for them to do the Meter Update. At this stage – you are just waiting for your energy retailer to update the meter before your system can be turned on. 

If you have old analogue meters, this means your Energy Retailer will organise to send someone out to physically update the old meters to a brand new digital meter for you.

If you have the new digital meters already, then the Energy Retailer will update the details of your solar system Hobart, or any other area of Australia remotely.

Because this process is through your Energy Retailer – the account holder is the only person who can ask when they will do this for you. 

What Happens Once the Meter Update is Completed?

If the retailer comes out to do the meter update – they will likely turn the system on for you once they have finished. However, if they do not – or if they update your meter remotely – you will need to turn the system on yourself once they are finished.

The instructions to do this are sent through with your Welcome Pack, and are listed below – However if you have any questions or run into troubles – please call us on 1300 138 591 and we can run you through over the phone.

How to Turn on My System

To turn on your system, We first want to turn on the DC isolator for the inverter.

This switch is usually a little ‘oven knob’-like switch, built into the bottom of the inverter.

How to turn on a Goodwe Inverter

Next we will want to turn on the Main AC Switch. 
The AC Isolator switch can sometimes be located in your switchboard/meterbox and will be labelled the ‘Main Switch Inverter Supply’.

Your Main AC Switch can be located in your Meter Box

If not, there might be a big switch installed next to your inverter, like this:

Sometimes your Main AC switch is next to the inverter.

This should then turn the system on, you will see your inverter will cycle through a ‘start up’ procedure for 30 seconds – 1 minute or so. Please let this cycle through, and if you run into any troubles or have any questions about solar power Newcastle and other regions of Australia like Townsville, Gold Coast, Cairns, please call Nexa Solar on 1300 138 591 and we will be happy to help.