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As you embark on your solar journey, Nexa Solar is committed to being there with you every step of the way. With our industry-trained experts to impressive installations with our professional CEC accredited local solar installers, on to being supported throughout the lifetime of your solar system with our friendly & helpful support staff. We pride ourselves on our amazing quality installs and our well-developed relationships with our customers.

Our philosophy at Nexa Solar is that Solar is a life decision. Additionally, your solar installation needs to be nurtured correctly by our local solar installers, to help you get the best output. When choosing Nexa Solar, to aid and help guide your solar panel installation, we guarantee next-level professionalism, total transparency of process and accurate calculations for your return on investment, followed by ongoing support for the lifetime of your system, and beyond.

Nexa Solar has a higher standard of installation than most, we raise the bar for the quality of installs and the suitability of the products. Not every client uses energy the same way. Every installation is treated with a fresh and unique perspective. To ensure the best product for your home and financial return, we have over 10 years of experience and insight.

We hope to assist you, by tailoring your solar solution and welcoming you into the Nexa Solar family.

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Residential Solar Installers

At Nexa Solar we encourage and educate our clients every step of the way – and we recommend discussing your particular needs with one of our industry-trained solar experts. However, for the sake of general research, there is an easy way to work out your required system size.

6.6kW / 10.32kW / 13.2kW / Larger

When deciding on your solar system, most companies use three aspects to determine your system: Size, Products & Price. But these ‘out-of-the-box’ companies miss, which is, unfortunately, the issue most of their customers ultimately face: Suitability.

Suitability means making sure that the system offered is the best option for the client, based on their needs. Affordability, as well as offering appropriate products, supporting warranties that are time-tested from healthy companies – it is easy enough to slap a 6.66kW solar system on someone’s roof – but it takes care and personal investment to determine suitability and tailor solar-solutions for your home, this is what makes Nexa Solar installations so successful.

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How do residential solar photovoltaic (PV) panels Brisbane function?

The solar panels installed on your roof keep absorbing the energy of the sun across the day. The energy absorbed is converted into Direct Current (DC) to generate electricity. As most businesses and homes in Brisbane use Alternating Current (AC), the DC electricity is changed to usable AC current by passing through a solar inverter. You may either use this electricity to power your household needs or send it to the grid.

How does roof orientation matter?

The solar panels facing towards the south are likely to generate less solar power than the ones pointing towards the north. East or west-facing solar installations can also give good results depending on how the panels are installed.