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    We work hard to offer the best service and the opportunity to pre-order before installation. Furthermore, we provide on-time delivery and solar panel installation Australia so that you can rest easy knowing your purchases are taken care of.

    Our residential solar system is perfect for large families or small businesses – especially if you have 3-phase power availability. The 13.32kW system uses a 10kW 3-phase inverter, powered by 36 X 370W dedicated monocrystalline solar panels to provide maximum output with no additional installation costs required. This will drastically reduce your energy costs.

    Why Solar Panels for Your Home?

    In a world where we are constantly depleting natural resources, solar power is the answer to our energy needs. Not only does it produce clean, renewable energy, but it also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

    The more solar panels you have on your roof, the less you need to buy from your energy company. Solar panels can also reduce or even eliminate your energy bills and provide peace of mind. So, you can always rely on no matter what happens in the world.

    Things to Consider Before Installing a 13.32 Kw Solar Panel System in Your Home

    13.32kw solar system

    The first step is to understand what energy you use and how much it costs. It’s important that you have an idea of your energy usage because the system needs to generate the right amount of energy for you on demand.

    The second step is finding out where a suitable design for your solar system installation. Depending on your energy usage, peak draw times etc. – Nexa Solar will design the most appropriate Panel Layout in order to maximize efficiency and get the best performance from your system for our particular needs.

    The average cost of a 13.32kw solar power System

    Solar power has become more and more affordable in recent years. This is partly due to the increase in the use of solar energy from around the world, and also because new technology has been developed that makes it easier for people to install solar panels.

    The average cost of a 13.32Kw solar system in Brisbane is $7,000 to $18,000. The price of each inverter varies depending on the brand, size, capacity & features of the inverter. The optimal pricing will be determined by your needs and budget for electricity generation.

    Trust Nexa Solar for your 13.32 Kw solar installation in Hobart, Sydney, Newcastle, Mackay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Launceston, and other surrounding areas. Talk to us today for a free quote!


    36 X 370W = 13,200W of Solar Panels Power Output
    • Tier 1 Solar Module
    • Reputed Solar Brand
    • High Efficiency Solar Module
    • 25 Years of Panel Linear Output Warranty
    • Local Australian Support
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    1 X 10kW 3-Phase Inverter
    • High Efficiency
    • Proven Track Record
    • Online Monitoring (Recommended)
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    Panel Mounting Kit
    • Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
    • Available in Tin, Tile and Clip lock
    • Fully Anodized and Corrosion-resistant
    • Light Weight
    • Appropriately Wind / Cyclone Rated
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    Solar Installation
    • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
    • Professionally Trained for Solar Installation
    • Experts with Tons of Experience
    • Fast Turn Around
    • Local Teams
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    Confused Between So Many Brands?

    Nexa Solar has a higher standard when it comes to panels and inverter brands.

    Nexa Solar only trusts brands with time-tested warranties and fantastic Aussie support presences.


    How do residential solar photovoltaic (PV) panels Brisbane function?

    The solar panels installed on your roof keep absorbing the energy of the sun across the day. The energy absorbed is converted into Direct Current (DC) to generate electricity. As most businesses and homes in Brisbane use Alternating Current (AC), the DC electricity is changed to usable AC current by passing through a solar inverter. You may either use this electricity to power your household needs or send it to the grid.

    How does roof orientation matter?

    The solar panels facing towards the south are likely to generate less solar power than the ones pointing towards the north. East or west-facing solar installations can also give good results depending on how the panels are installed.

    What are the factors that influence the amount of solar energy received?

    The amount of solar power generated varies according to the time of the year and day. The geographical location of your home also impacts the quantity of electricity produced. The other factors influencing solar energy production are:

    • The presence of water vapour and dust in the air
    • Cloud cover
    • Type and quality of solar PV modules
    • Angle of the panels and roof orientation, etc.
    What is the size of solar system that should be enough for home use?

    The size of the solar PV system will vary according to the location of your home and the amount of energy consumed. A 1.5 kW system is the minimum solar system size needed for grid connection. If you have a medium-sized household then it should be enough to take care of 16-25% of your total energy needs. You may want to install a 4-5 kW solar energy system to take care of 100% of your domestic energy needs.

    What happens if my energy requirements increase?

    You can install more solar panels if you need more electricity in future. You may have to install a larger solar power inverter to increase the capacity. It is recommended that you invest in a larger inverter (at the beginning itself) if you see yourself needing more electricity as time passes.